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Far too often in my life, I have wondered what God was calling me to and spent hours trying to read into what I thought were signs and possibilities. More often than not, this resulted in paralysis by analysis, and I didn’t move.

Last night one of my youth group students asked about hearing God’s will for His life and how one can be sure not to miss God’s call. I hope I answered his question well, but in thinking about it again this morning I realize that it all comes down to movement. Don’t be like I have been in the past and stand still trying to analyze everything and read between the lines. Instead, move forward and God will guide you.

As it says in Isaiah 30:21, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

If you move forward, God will guide your steps. In fact, He is already guiding them, which brings me to the picture at the top of this post. At some point(s) in your life, if you are indeed moving forward, God’s will and plan for you will be perfectly, crystal clear. It is at those points that you look back at the path you’ve walked and you see what I call breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs are anchor moments. In creative writing we call them plot points because these happenings are major turning points or clues that influence the overall arch of the story and characters. A breadcrumb moment could be when you met someone for the first time, broke up with someone, took a class, experienced a painful tragedy or truth, started a new hobby, or reconnected with someone from your past. You’ll realize that all of these incidents were major turning points in your own story. And when you look back these breadcrumbs, more often than not you’ll see where God was leading you all along, telling you to go left or go right, guiding you in the direction of His will in order to fulfill His call on your life.

So move forward, trusting that God will guide you, and every so often look back at how far you’ve come, and the turning points that brought you to where you are.

Personal Mission Statement

Tonight in my church leadership class we were asked to craft a personal mission statement. I’d done this before when reading The Path, but tonight’s exercise was good too. Though this version is wordier, but I like it. Here it is:

I am a flawed but forgiven person called to serve the Lord and lead people to Jesus. I have a creative and passionate heart that is manifest through hard work and indomitable spirit. I am called to love God and to love, support, and defend my neighbors so that we may grow closer to God. My life is best when focused on honesty and integrity, but lived in vulnerability.

Content of Our Character

3 black men, 3 different positions

I posted this on Facebook today with the picture above. It is a rant no doubt, but it is something that I felt needed to be said.

To all of my ignorant friends who generalize blacks, the poor, urban communities, etc. I am black, my family has been poor, and I come from those urban communities. In fact, I am the face of those communities.

You might see me differently but I promise you the police don’t. I may not be one of “them” in your eyes, but “they” are my family, my friends, and more importantly “they” are human beings who deserve love and respect. Though some people’s actions may not be deserving of respect right now, you cannot judge a city, a community, or a race by the actions of some. Much like the ignorance that labels all Muslims as terrorists, blacks are being painted with a broad brush as lawbreakers, looters, and rioters. Even my wife (who isn’t black) has heard very racist comments from her peers who either don’t know or don’t remember that her husband is a black man, and that her kids are half black as well.

So what’s my point? My point is that I need you, my friends, to check yourselves before you say something offensive or just plain stupid, and then to check others when they say it. We are not all rioters and looters. We are not “thugs”. We are not “animals” (these are real world examples taken from Facebook). I am more than what you, your memes, your news networks, and your ignorance would like to make me out to be, and I show it everyday. (Imagine that I judged all white people based on Honey Boo Boo and you’ll get an idea of what I mean and how I’m feeling.)

You probably won’t even notice if I delete you, so instead I’m going to speak up and call you out on your crap. Before you post or make another ignorant comment, think about who you include in that statement. Think about who you’re hurting. We are all called to love each other, so operate in love, not in frustration or generalization.