My Brand is His Brand


I have given a lot of thought to my personal brand lately. I am a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and his words of wisdom when it comes to building a brand and a business through social media. This type of advice would have been great back when I was making comics or running my wedding officiant business, but I am planning to plant a church so a lot of these rules don’t apply. You see, it’s not about me or my brand. My focus is on Jesus. My brand is His brand, and that is what I want to represent.


Sure I am using some Gary Vee strategies to increase my visibility, but I am not trying to promote Chris Dickens or to monetize my brand. I simply want to spread the Gospel. If writing these blogs and documenting my journey helps bring people to Wednesday nights at The Cove, or bring students to our church’s youth group, or eventually brings people to my church plant that would be great. But that’s still not for my benefit. It’s all for Him! My mission in this whole church planting endeavor is to help people find their way back to Jesus. We’ve all walked away at one point or another, some of us for longer periods of time than others, but whether it’s 5 years, 5 minutes, or a whole lifetime, my goal is to create an environment where people can encounter God and be changed. Why? So that we can help other people find their way back to Jesus, and the cycle continues.


I’m going to take a little detour here. This is a longer post and I hope that you will stick with me, but have you ever come across a song that describes exactly how you feel? That’s this song for me right now. When you’re done reading, I implore you to watch this video and listen to the lyrics. Watch and listen to it a few times. It is so powerful and so timely for me.



As I listen to this song for probably the 10th time today, these lyrics resonate as they speak to my heart’s desire. This is my brand strategy:

“The change I want to see must first begin in me. I surrender, so Your world can be changed.”

“If they’re looking for you Jesus, let them find you in me.”

“I may be the only Jesus, the only joy, the only peace, the only courage, strength, love, healing, or mouthpiece that this generation will ever see. And I want to be used.”

“I want to carry Your glory, Your power, Your Spirit, Your anointing, and Your Message Father.

“Fill me up. I want to say what You say.”


If you’re still reading this, thank you for your support, but so far this blog has been a one-way conversation. I would love to hear some feedback. Go back to Facebook, Twitter, or my Instagram page, wherever you found this and share your thoughts. What’s your mission? Your brand? Have you walked away from Jesus? Why? Your feedback helps me in my mission and I would appreciate it.


Take care and God bless.

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