Stairway or Highway


I read an amazing article by Brian Zahnd this morning about the Civil War and the great revival that happened in the south just before the war started. It talked a lot about social justice, the church, and how we as Christians oftentimes get it wrong.

Click here to read this amazing article

It’s a long read but worth it. Here is a powerful excerpt from the article that stood out to me:

“When we hate and vilify others for ideological reasons, when we demonize and dehumanize others for nationalistic reasons, when we use and exploit others for economic reasons, we are on the highway to hell — we have chosen the well-worn road that leads to war and destruction. The deeply disconcerting thing is that it is entirely possible to cruise down the broad road of impending doom while singing songs of praise to Jesus. It happened on the first Palm Sunday. It happened a hundred and fifty years ago in America. It continues to happen today.”

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