Student Teaching

At first glance, this quote might seem a little harsh, but if you think about it, it is spot on. 

I was working on next week’s sermon a bit tonight and I am learning so much as I go that I feel amazed, blessed, and honored that I get to go and share what I have learned. However, when I teach it and encourage people to apply it, I am teaching and calling myself to the same action and the same understanding, which is what reminded me of this quote. 

Don’t think that your pastor knows it all and is just going through the motions. All pastors are learning just like you are learning, and we are exhorted just as we are exhorting. We are merely student teachers. We learn it from the Lord first and then we preach it from His notes and His lesson plans. So when you find yourself in service hearing a preacher speak, know that he’s speaking to himself as well.