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One of my jobs at the church is to lead our Young Adults Ministry called The Cove. The Cove as we have done it thus far is changing. We have been operating as a small group focused on Bible Study and discussion, but the people have spoken and we’re shifting gears to a more fun, more energetic, full worship experience.

The majority of The Cove’s members do NOT attend our church. Therefore, operating simply as a small group hasn’t worked. What’s more is that for many members, our meeting is the ONLY type of church that they attend. So rather than focusing on one aspect of church life (Bible Study), we want to explore and experience the other aspects as well.

We’ll still study the Bible and hang out, but we are also going to have a time of worship, some teaching, prayer, and yes, Bible study and small group discussion. However, the emphasis will be on more energy, more fun, and a more complete experience. I hope that you’ll be a part of it. Join us at our next meeting on September 28th and see the changes for yourself.

I’ll see you there!

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