The Glow

If you haven’t seen The Last Dragon (which is the movie that the first picture is from) you MUST watch that movie. In it, Leroy goes off in search of “the Master” to complete his training. Despite everyone around him believing that he is already an amazing person, a great martial artist, and telling him that he doesn’t need “The Master”, Leroy searches. Finally, in the end Leroy realizes that HE is the master and was all along. With this new perspective, he is able to reach the next level, to get “the glow”, and Leroy wins the day.

I try to be humble. When someone gives me a compliment I accept it, but I try to always point the praise back to God, and/or my team, etc. However, there’s a difference between giving God glory and deflecting out of self-preservation. I did that today at work and it felt like business as usual, but then something hit me.

I deflect out of humility, yes, but I also deflect out of fear. I work in Sales and in Sales one day you’re the man and the next you’re back to zero. Literally. Today being the end of the month, it doesn’t matter if you had a poor month or a record-breaking, all-time best kind of month, Monday you’re back at zero. Today I found myself thinking and even saying that I don’t want to embrace or focus on my talents at work because tomorrow the scoreboard reads zero again.

What I realized that meant was that I don’t want to celebrate or be praised or be seen as a leader because there may be a time when I struggle or a time when I fail. And when that day comes (and it will), I don’t want to fall too far. Yep. Pride. Fear. Ego. Self-preservation. That was my motivation. Call it imposter syndrome or whatever you want but that realization reminded me of the quote from Marianne Williamson and Matthew 5:14 below.

As the Lord tells us over and over again in His word, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Let your light shine! Be humble, yes. But be the blessed, gifted, wonderful child of God that you are. And WHEN you fall, let it be a teachable moment for you and for others, even if they’re laughing.

You’ve got the glow and that is the light of Christ, so let it shine.

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