Your Gift Will Make Room For You

My grandmother used to say that: “Your gift will make room for you.” Meaning, your talents, and abilities will afford you the right opportunities. I didn’t realize it when I was younger but she was quoting scripture.

“A person’s gift makes room for him, and leads him before important people.” – Proverbs‬ ‭18:16‬

Some Bible translations interpret it as a physical gift but I take it the way she said it as in a talent or an ability. To me, it means don’t force it. Let it happen. Trust God and trust in the abilities that He has given you to open the right doors.

I had an opportunity to pray for and to pray with a very talented and gifted person this morning as he was going before some important people. We thanked God for his talents and gifts and we prayed that this young man would make the most of his opportunity today, but above everything, we prayed for God’s will and that the He would be glorified above all. That’s a tough prayer to pray when you’re looking at your dream, but if God brought us here, we can trust that He has a plan.

So, what is your gift? Has it brought you before important people? It can and it will, but don’t lose sight of what’s most important, and that is the love of Jesus.

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